Bridge Continents Group, LLC (USA) and Bridge Continents India Pvt. Ltd., operate across global markets

bringing niche products and services from providers to consumers in the most efficient and economical manner enhancing value in the process to all involved stakeholders. BCG operates with multiple divisions addressing and investing in key areas of market need and providing expertise as per client’s requirements. Operational divisions are:

Investments Division

Directs investment to companies in need of working capital and improvement in operational efficiencies. Address key growth opportunities in domestic and international markets. Focuses in assisting startups and stressed manufacturing businesses across varied industries, especially companies with cutting-edge technology needed in agriculture, safe power distribution, fiberoptics & related businesses. Provides resources and expertise in product development, marketing & sales to achieve the desired results.

Education Division

Student career advancement in their field of study with personalized attention is the keyfocus.

Provides affordable opportunities to study abroad post bachelors degree at an accelerated pace and assist with placement services.

Assist educational institutions in diversifying program offerings in the areas of Nursing and MOVIE MAKING TECHNOLOGY. Provides collaborations with foreign universities and JOINT VENTURES.

Creates pathways for struggling educational institutions to prosper and thrive in communities they serve.

Enables well-qualified faculty in their field of expertise with additional income opportunities as an adjunt teaching faculty member for prestigious universities across the globe.

Finance & Operations Consulting Division

30 plus years of expertise in turning around struggling companies to profitability and sustainable growth.

Provides services from start to completion in mergers, acquisitions and divestures.

Provides Key Management Personnel to transform companies from struggles to successful operations.

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